Tequila, 2 months and a bit

After finishing the extended version of The Return of the King last night, I started to feel a growing anxiety. The first thought was ‘hello darkness my old friend’, as in the last few months she’s been a faithful companion. So, I began my usual Sherlock Holmes-que procedure: where does it come from/what could have possibly triggered it/and how do I make it go away. I had a very good day yesterday, Matthias and I walked a section of the Jubilee Green Way, a several miles long walkway that crosses parts of London. He had picked a very interesting section…

Dr Giulia Cavaliere, Department of Global Health and Social Medicine, King’s College London

[to understand the relevance of this photo you’ll need to reach the end of the post. Yes, it’s a cheap trick]

I got a permanent job. In academia. At 29.

Please, hang on. This is not the usual look-at-me-I’m-amazing social media post. Before calling me smug and entitled, please allow me to explain what lies behind me sharing this.

First things first. Old habits die hard: it’s possible that that soon after signing the contract and delivering the good news to my current colleagues and employers at King’s, I might tweet about this wonderful new opportunity. I’m fairly sure that I’ll receive lots of personal and virtual congratulations…

Giulia Cavaliere, Wellcome Trust PhD Candidate, Department of Global Health and Social Medicine, King’s College London

A couple of weeks ago I was asked to take part in a workshop on the topic: applying for a PhD. This workshop was organised for our postgraduate students by a colleague from the Department of Global Health and Social Medicine.

I happily accepted as I thought that talking to them about my experience could spare them from making similar mistakes to the ones I made before, during and shortly after I started applying for PhD programmes. I also thought that my experiences (and…

Giulia Cavaliere

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